Charedi Girls Who Grow Swiss Chard

What’s one typical reaction when we tell people that Leshomra wants Charedi children to grow their own food at school?

“That’s a nice idea, but it will never happen.”

Well, we have news for all those doubters. It’s already happening!

Leshomra’s green education program in Jerusalem’s Charedi kindergartens is in full swing. These photos from December show the beginnings of one mini-farm in a Beis Yaakov kindergarten in Har Nof, Jerusalem.

For the past 5 months, the girls have been lovingly tending their little farm. Finally, spring is here and look at the difference.

Leshomra’s green education program is happening now in 6 major Charedi cities around Israel.

Thanks to Kindergarten Teacher Tziporah for sending us these photos of her students enjoying their little farm.

We hope you enjoyed it too!

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