Watch Charedi Kids Create a Greener, Cleaner Israel

What is Leshomra?

Leshomra is the Charedi non-profit spearheading a major positive shift in our community's relationship with nature and the environment of the Land of Israel.

Over 25% of all of Israel's school students today are enrolled in charedi educational institutions. The vast majority of these schools offer no environmental education programming. The disadvantages to these children growing up among asphalt neighborhoods and schoolyards, as well as the negative long-term implications for environmental quality in Israel, are major concerns.

Charedim are strongly connected to the holy land through the Torah and are tremendously receptive to the importance of caring for it. But in practice they have few opportunities to learn about the land and perform the mitzvas that are special to it.

Leshomra was founded by veteran educator Avishai Himelfarb to address these problems from the inside. We develop environmental education programs that are Torah-based, rabbinically approved, hands-on - and lots of fun. We're launching in charedi boys' schools (Talmud Torahs), girls' schools (Beis Yaakovs) and kindergartens.

Since our founding in 2015, we have attracted huge support from communities, parents and schools, who welcome the opportunity to grant their children an enriching relationship with nature and the wonders of Creation.


Our Program


Torah Principles

Halacha and an authentic Jewish outlook form the basis of our rabinnically-approved program, emphasizing the mitzvas of caring for the Earth and the Land of Israel.

Environmental Responsibility

Learning to care for the Earth's resources and doing our part to keep the Holy Land beautiful and sustainable.

Teacher Training

The community trusts teachers to educate the next generation. We prepare them and provide hands-on environmental teaching materials to make their job easier.

Mini-Farms in Schools

Together we grow & eat watermelons, cucumbers and sunflowers and dozens of other plants in school gardens prepared, planted and tended by the children themselves.

All This is Happening Thanks to You!

Leshomra is growing so quickly thanks to our matching funding program. Every amount donated by you is matched by municipalities and schools. This is your chance to invest in a greener, cleaner Israel and a healthier future.