Leshomra launches mini-farms in Bnei Barak

She’s tending her little farm in her Bnei Barak kindergarten

The Bnei Barak Municipality just issued this press release about it’s cooperation with Leshomra:

The Municipality’s Education Department has recently launched a new series of new projects in kindergartens which center on building educational gardens in the schoolyard.

The goal of the mini-farms is learn the basics of the mitzvas related to the Land of Israel, as well as appreciate different kinds of plants and understand how the seasons work and vegetables grow.

In order to allow them to run this unique and innovative program, the teaching staff of the kindergartens participated in professional training run by Leshomra, a non-profit renowned for their expertise and experience in this area. The program involves the teachers working with the children to build and plant a mini-farm. In this way they not only learn about related mitzvas but actually have the experience of performing them.

The feedback so far indicates that not only that the children are learning so much about this important topic, but that they are thoroughly enjoying watching the herbs and vegetables grow. The teachers say they watch of every stage of growth with much excitement.


Avraham Tannenbaum

Municipal Spokesperson

Leshomra is the non-profit spearheading increased environmental awareness and connection with nature in the Charedi community. To earn more about Leshomra, click here.

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