Donate to Leshomra

Leshomra is a registered Israeli non-profit organization (Amuta #580606747). Our programs are funded through matching funding partnerships between municipalities, philanthropic foundations and private individuals.

This means that every amount you give is worth 2-3 times as much. For example:

  • NIS 7,200 - $1,800

    Launches "Our Little Farm" - Leshomra's 25-week green education program in another Charedi classroom this year

  • NIS 3,600 - $900

    Sets up a new mini-farm in a Charedi school to be used this year and for years to come (you can even dedicate to the person of your choosing)

  • NIS 1,600 - $500

    Sponsors 10 Charedi school children in Leshomra's "Our Little Farm" program for an entire year

  • NIS 720 - $180

    Covers environmental training for two Charedi teachers, who will teach this material to thousands of students in years to come

  • NIS 360 - $90

    Covers the learning materials needed in a classroom of 30 children for an entire year

  • NIS 160 - $50

    Sponsors one Charedi schoolchild in the "Our Little Farm" program for an entire year

To make a secure online donation using Paypal or an international credit card use the form below. An official receipt will confirm your donation. If you'd like to donate via another method, please contact us.

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