About Leshomra

Leshomra is the Charedi non-profit spearheading a major positive shift in our community's relationship with nature and the environment.

Over 25% of all of Israel's school students today are enrolled in charedi educational institutions. The vast majority of these schools offer no environmental education programming. The disadvantages to these children growing up among asphalt neighborhoods and schoolyards, as well as the negative long-term implications for environmental quality in Israel, are major concerns.

Leshomra was founded by veteran educator Avishai Himelfarb to address these problems from the inside. We develop environmental education programs that are Torah-based, rabbinically approved, hands-on - and lots of fun. We're launching in charedi boys' schools (Talmud Torahs), girls' schools (Beis Yaakovs) and kindergartens.

Since our founding in 2015, we have attracted huge support from communities, parents and schools, who welcome the opportunity to grant their children an enriching relationship with nature and the wonders of Creation. Our programs have the blessing of leading Charedi rabbis in the communities where we're active.

Strategic donations from far-sighted foundations and individuals allows us to provide matching funding to schools and municipalities that want to introduce Leshomra's program. Our scalable model means that all funding will come from local authorities within 3-5 years, creating a sustainable future and allowing us to expand rapidly into charedi schools across Israel.

Our Achievements

  • We developed a unique Green education curriculum solidly based in a Torah worldview and suited to the Charedi community

  • We launched our Torah-based Green educations program in over 80 Charedi classrooms in Jerusalem, Bnei Barak and Modiin Illit

  • We trained 20 Ecology Guides, all Beis Yaakov Graduates, in partnership with Jerusalem's Beth Jacob Teachers' Seminary ("HaYashan")

  • We trained over 180 working teachers to implement our Torah-based green education programs in their classrooms.

  • We launched weekly after-school gardening and nature activities in community centers in Telz Stone and Beit Shemesh.

  • We led over 7,000 Charedi children and adults on educational farm tours.

Our Team

  • Avishai Himelfarb, CEO

    While organizing gardening programs for Charedi groups in community centers and for the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI), Avishai noticed the intense demand for these program and the lack of opportunities. He started Leshomra in late 2015 by offering educational farm tours to Charedi schools and communities. These were extremely successful, encouraging Avishai to expand to in-school green education programs, starting in Modi'in Illit. Leshomra developed out of the huge demand for more such programs.

    Avishai lives with his wife and children in Netzer Hazani.

  • Leah Carmi

    Director of Curriculum Development

    Leah holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies from Tel Aviv University. She brings her background in informal education, together with her love for Hashem and His Creation to developing Leshomra's unique Torah-based green education programs. Leah lives with her husband and five children on Moshav Gimzu.

  • Naomi Elbinger

    Director of Development & English Activities

    Naomi is an entrepreneur well-known for her activities in the small business community in Israel, particularly with Charedi women entrepreneurs. She brings many skills in marketing, networking and organizational development, as well as a dream of making Israel more beautiful. Naomi grew up in Sydney, Australia, and now lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh with her family.

  • Yocheved F.

    Yocheved is Leshomra's senior Ecology Guide. She lives in Bnei Barak.

  • Nechama P.

    Nechama is a Leshomra Ecology Guide working in Charedi schools and kindergartens. She lives in Jerusalem.

  • Tamar L.

    Tamar is a Leshomra Ecology Guide working in Charedi schools and kindergartens. She lives in Beit Chilkiya.

  • Nechama F.

    Nechama is a Leshomra Ecology Guide working in Charedi schools and kindergartens. She lives in Bnei Barak.

  • Shlomi M.

    Shlomi is a Leshomra Ecology Guide working in Charedi boys schools. He lives in Elad.

  • Elisheva S.

    Elisheva is Leshomra's cheerful, efficient office manager. She lives in Yesodot.

Our Partnerships

Leshomra partners with local authorities and community centers to bring our programs to Charedi kids across Israel. Some of our supportive partners include:

All This is Happening Thanks to You!

Leshomra is growing so quickly thanks to our matching funding program. Every amount donated by you is matched by municipalities and schools. This is your chance to invest in a greener, cleaner Israel and a healthier future.