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Do You Want a Greener, Cleaner Beit Shemesh?

Jan 9, 2017

Help us bring Leshomra’s successful green education program to Charedi schools and kindergartens in Beit Shemesh in 2017.

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First Time Ever: Charedi Teachers Study Green Education

Dec 7, 2016

What happens when 70 Charedi teachers gather to learn about growing food and ecology for the first time? An eye-opening discussion and some amazing news!

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Jerusalem’s Charedi Schools Go Green this Winter

Nov 24, 2016

Thanks to cooperation between the Jerusalem Municipality and Leshomra, an environmental education program was just launched in the city’s Charedi schools.

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Natural Sukkah Decorations Kids Love to Make

Oct 7, 2016

Everyone loves to make paper chains and hang them in the sukkah. This year try these greener alternatives with your kids. They’re free and look gorgeous!

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8 Menorahs Homemade from Recycled and Natural Materials

Dec 21, 2015

Get ready for Chanukah with these ideas for menorahs you can make out of natural and recycled materials. Baby Food Jar Menorah I love this menorah made out of used baby food jars and tea lights. She filled them jars with water tinted with blue food coloring, which looks very pretty, but you could fill…

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