How do you say “I grow my own potatoes” in Yiddish?

From an early age, children are taught to make a blessing before taking a bite of a potato:

Baruch Ata Hashem… Boreh Peri Ha’Adama

Blessed are you, G-d… Who creates the fruit of the earth

But have they every thought about what it means to eat something that grew out of the ground?

Normally, they’d throw a scrap of sprouted potato peel in the trash. But imagine they plant it in the ground instead. Every day they tend it and water it, watching it grow into a thriving plant. They wait for the day that they’ll dig it up out of the earth and eat it. Then when they make that blessing, it will have a whole new meaning.

This is what’s happening today in the previously barren schoolyards of Charedi kindergartens in Jerusalem!

The wonders of nature are unfolding before the eyes of close to 900 Charedi children who are right now participating in the Leshomra’s Our Little Farm green education program in 34 Jerusalem kindergartens. Thanks to the cooperation and support of the wonderful folks at the Jerusalem Municipality’s Department of Education, these kids, their little farms and their environmental awareness is flourishing. We are in wide range of kindergartens: boys and girls; Litvish, Chassidish and Chabad; in seven neighborhoods including Har Nof, Ramot, and Gilo.

Enjoy this new album of Jerusalem kindergartens who are enjoying Our Little Farm. Watch to the end if you want to find out how to say Potato in Yiddish.

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