8 Menorahs Homemade from Recycled and Natural Materials

Get ready for Chanukah with these ideas for menorahs you can make out of natural and recycled materials.

Baby Food Jar Menorah

I love this menorah made out of used baby food jars and tea lights. She filled them jars with water tinted with blue food coloring, which looks very pretty, but you could fill it up with other things too.

Menorah and photo by Menucha from Moms and Crafters

Pebble Menorah

This menorah is basically tealights among artfully arranged smooth pebbles collected on the seashore. I think there is something calming about the way it looks.

Menorah and photo by Lucia

Seashell Menorah

In a similar seaside theme, this menorah is formed from stand and shells collected at beach. Let’s assume that most of us have a collection of shells we collected on a beach trip once – and they’be been sitting in drawer ever since. Maybe Chanukah is a time we can put them to use, creating a beautiful natural menorah?

Menorah and photo by Lucia

Shotglass Menorah

This menorah is simple but looks so pretty. It’s made out of shot glasses and burns with real olive oil.

Menorah and photo by Creative Jewish Mom

Lego Menorah

This menorah is super easy to make with kids. For decorative purposes only, right?

Menorah and photo by Bible Belt Balabusta

Olive Oil Bottle Menorah

This menorah is easy to make and looks pretty and has the extra educational boost of being made out of a recycled olive oil bottle – perfect for Chanukah.

Menorah and photo by ChallahCrumbs.com

Bottle Cap Menorah

When I was a kid, we made a menorah out of beer bottle caps glued to a plank of wood every year at school. But since most Jews I knew didn’t drink 9 bottles of beer from one Chanukah to the next, it was always a struggle to find enough bottle caps to go around. This menorah is a sober version using orange juice caps, though caps from grape juice or kiddush wine bottles could probably also work.

Menorah and photo by Bible Belt Balabusta

The Traditional Recycled Menorah

Lastly, here is one super easy recycled menorah even you can manage – just light the same menorah you used last year! Many people light the Chanukah menorahs they inherited from their parents and grandparents. I guess we Jews have a long tradition of recycling!

By 39jamesOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Happy Chanukah to Everyone from Leshomra!



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