Leshomra Makes Headlines in Israel and Worldwide

Leshomra has been attracting a lot of media attention lately.

This weekend we were featured in The Jerusalem Post (Metro and In Jerusalem supplements). You can only read the full article online if you have a premium membership, so we scanned in the print version for you.


There was also an inspiring article about our work on Israel21C.

In addtion, the Director of our English Dept, Naomi Elbinger, was interview on the Nachum Segal Network in New York, and written up on Jew in the City.

Naomi’s article on how Leshomra is leading the solution to Israel’s litter problem was published on the Times of Israel.

These news features have resulted in lots of attention and new followers for Leshomra, as well as some welcome donations from Jews around the world who support Charedi kids creating a greener, cleaner Israel.

Mazal tov!

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