Leshomra & Jerusalem Soap Co. Clean Up Israel

Have you ever wondered:

Can I pamper myself with luxurious handmade soaps and help urban 7-year-olds grow organic cucumbers at the same time?

The answer is (thankfully): YES!

Thanks to the Jerusalem Soap Company’s sponsorship of Leshomra.

The Song of the Sea soap looks, smells and cleans incredible. Click to order and support Leshomra.

Leshomra is working to create a greener, cleaner Israel through our education programs in the Charedi community. We love hearing from people all over Israel and the world who are excited about our mission and want to support it. So we were touched and thrilled when we were contacted by Shoshana Rubli from the Jerusalem Soap Company, saying she had decided to donate 10% of sales from her best-selling soap: Song of the Sea.

I immediately ordered some and soon received a delivery of the most delicious looking soap I’d ever beheld. It’s a dream to use and smells amazing too. It’s handmade from botanical oils, and infused with Dead Sea Salts. I never want to go back to liquid soap again, especially since Shoshana reminded me that the waste from a bar is almost nothing compared to bottled soaps.

Leshomra just received our first “royalty” payment via Paypal and that money is already on it’s way to our young cucumber farmers!

Want to give a delightful gift to yourself or someone you appreciate, and support Leshomra at the same time?

Check out our favorite soap.


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