Gallery: Charedi kids plant creative recycled gardens

When planning the mini-farms and gardens in Charedi schools and kindergartens, we encourage the teachers and kids to get creative. What old stuff can they recycle to make their schoolyard more green and beautiful?

Sometime their own ideas are more original than ours!

Enjoy this delightful gallery of up-cycled gardening ideas from Leshomra school gardens in Jerusalem, Modi'in Illit and Bnei Barak.

An old gift basket is transformed

This elegant evening purse has seen some "change"

A "green wall" made out of soft drink bottles at a Bnei Barak Beis Yaakov

These wooden doll strollers are built to last - and make great planters!

This looks like something from a lifestyle magazine! But really it's a kindergarten in Ramot.

New life springs from an old boot

Broken old "bimbas" (ride-on cars) become a herb garden

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