“You Can’t Have Garbage Where You Grow Food”

Just last week, Tzippy,  a resident of the Jerusalem neighborhood of Sanhedria, knocked on her neighbor’s door to ask if she could borrow some gardening tools. She said she wanted to make a garden where her children and other kids in their building could grow vegetables.

The neighbor asked her: “where did you get such an idea?”

Tzippy told him that she is a kindergarten teacher and she is seeing how much good Leshomra’s Torah-based green education program is doing her students. Therefore, she decided she wants to bring it home.

What Tzippy didn’t realize was her neighbor happened to be a long-time friend of Leshomra and he was very happy to hear her story (and lend her his tools). When we heard this story from him, we called Tzippy to ask her more details.

She said that she is working with the kids in her building exactly according to Leshomra’s curriculum. They started by thoroughly cleaning the neglected grounds around the building, because you can’t have garbage where you grow food. Now they are preparing the ground for planting… We can’t wait to hear more about how they progress.

The amazing thing is that there is most likely many cases like this going on in Israel right now, where Leshomra’s message is spreading beyond the classroom and having an impact on Charedi communities. It was purely a gift from Above that we happened to hear this story, but it sure made our day!

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