Why I’m Part of Leshomra

Leshomra is a young organization but we've managed to attract an amazing community of staff, supporters and volunteers in a very short time.

We asked them why they want to be a part of Leshomra. Here's what they said:

For me Leshomra is about the deep connection between Torah and Halacha and the environment and nature. It's hard for me to explain how happy and fulfilled I feel to make this a reality.

Avishai Himelfarb, CEO of Leshomra

There are so many worthwhile charities out there doing amazing things, but when we heard about Leshomra we were instantly attracted. What an innovative way to acquaint Charedi families with nature and farming, which will have obvious benefits on general health and nutrition!

Cayle Hasson, Supporter, New York

I want to be part of the process whereby the Torah shows us the way to environmental awareness and quality of life.

Leah Carmi, Leshomra's Director of Curriculum Development

I am thrilled at the opportunity to assist in creating positive change from the inside, that benefits the entire community through teaching the next generation.

Sarah Rodenstein, Volunteer

I love to see the shining eyes of the children as they discover that a new leaf has sprouted or the radish seedlings are peeping out of the earth.

Yocheved F, Senior Ecology Guide at Leshomra

This program does so much good for my girls, especially the shy withdrawn ones. I think every kindergarten should plant a garden like this.

Yael H., Kindergarten teacher, Modiin Illit

Life is always busy but I'm so grateful that what's keeping me busy these days is helping Jews experience the wonders of Hashem's Creation and making the world more beautiful.

Naomi Elbinger, Directory of Leshomra's English Dept.

For many years I have felt that my own children and all the children growing up around me in Jerusalem would benefit from more contact with the beauty and calm of nature. I am very happy to finally see this happening through Leshomra, and I am excited to do what I can to help make it happen."

Shaindy Babad, Member, Leshomra's Board of Directors

There are so many Torah's mitzvas about taking care of the land, especially our symbiotic relationship with Eretz HaKodesh. The more Jews doing these mitzvas, the better.

Haim Lubin, Supporter

This program allows the children to experience the wonders of Creation, arouses curiosity and awareness, and strengthens their sense of environmental responsibility.

Rachel Avritscher, Municipality of Jerusalem

I believe that the world is a gift and we need to take the responsibility of caring for it. Children are the best candidates for learning and exploring new ways of caring for our gifts.

Shoshana Lubin, Supporter and Volunteer

When I get home today, I'm going to plant a potato in the ground, like we did at kindergarten

Malki, Kindergartener, Modiin Illit

We all know there is a problem but when I heard that there is someone out there actually doing something about it, I wanted to lend a hand.

Tsipi W., Supporter, Ra'anana

There are so many more people out there who connect to Leshomra's mission and are helping spread the word.

Tell us why you're happy to be a part of Leshomra in the comments below.

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