You Can Bring Nature Education to More Charedi Children

Did You Know?

  • The Charedi sector is the fastest growing demographic in Israel, living mostly in crowded neighborhoods, with little contact with nature and a poor environmental track record.
  • Some 25% of Jewish Israeli children study in Charedi schools, where they get no outdoor or environmental education and miss out on the associated developmental benefits.
  • Charedi children receive an excellent Torah education but have little opportunity to enjoy the wonders of Creation or practice the special mitzvos related to the Land of Israel.


What is Leshomra?

Leshomra is the Charedi non-profit spearheading a major positive shift in our community’s relationship with nature and the environment. In cooperation with municipalities, we have trained 200 Charedi educators running our Torah-based programs in 80+ Charedi classrooms around Israel.

Our New Program

Building on our success working with over 4,000 Charedi children aged 4-8, we now want to expand to the 9-13 age group, both boys and girls in their respective schools. This program will be based firmly in Torah, as well as world-class environmental education practices. With the support of schools and municipalities, this program will launch in classrooms in late 2017.

It was an incredible experience, both for me and the children. When we picked the tomatoes, eggplants and watermelons, we excitedly stood together and separated the trumos and maasros. There were tears in my eyes.

Yael Horowitz, Kindergarten Teacher

Leshomra’s program meets a huge educational void that we’ve been trying to address for a long time. This program has exceed our expectations in every way.

Yaffa Nevezhal, Department of Charedi Education, Municipality of Jerusalem

Three Ways You Can Make this Happen

We have the infrastructure and partnership of municipalities, including Jerusalem and Bnei Barak, but we urgently need your help to develop 5 curricula, so that over 1,200 Charedi children aged 9-13 will join starting October 2017.

We welcome contributions of any size.

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