What Charedi Boys Do in the Great Outdoors

This week, Leshomra kids celebrated the conclusion of the first ever green education after school program in Telz Stone, an established Charedi town west of Jerusalem. The program is known as “The Great Outdoors” and was launched this year in cooperation with the Kiryat Yearim local council.

The boys harvested the last summer vegetables from their mini farm in the grounds of the local community center.

Then they got their chance to make wine the old fashioned way

Don’t worry, everyone had to scrub their feet before jumping in.

Finally they practiced their newly acquired orienteering skills on a night hike. The baked their own pitas on the open fire.

Then they had a dip in Ein Lavan (the Lavan Spring) under the night sky.


The Telz Stone program was completely sold out this year. Local parents view Leshomra’s program as the only accessible, affordable way to give their kids nature experiences.

The waiting list for next year is already long, which is not surprising considering how much fun everyone clearly had!



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  1. Jose Adkins on September 4, 2017 at 6:58 pm

    This is such a wonderful project, it should be sponsored and rolled out so more children can benefit from it.

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